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New Guitars

1950s Busato D Hole

Arguably the most collectible Busato ever!

1932 Selmer Maccaferri #98

Ultra-rare pre-production model with internal resonator intact!

1933 Selmer Conversion

Converted to a 6 string by the legendary Marco Roccia. Similar to Diz Disley's!

1934 Selmer Petite Bouche Transitional Model

Beyond rare, the elusive transitional model played by Django!

1944 D'Angelico Excel

Stunningly beautiful example from the exalted maker!

2012 Dupont MD50 LEFTY

The classic! Played by nearly every Gypsy guitarist over the last 20 years.

2022 Dupont MD60

Dupont's classic Selmer copy with gorgeous, highly figured Santos back and sides!

2021 Jean Barault ***NEW PRICE!!!***

Own the guitar used by greats such as Stochelo, Bireli, Angelo, Tchavolo, and Dorado!

$5,750.00 $5,000.00 (Save 13%)
2022 Jean Barault Brazilian

Stunning Brazilian version of Jean's classic Selmer copy!

2022 Jean Barault

Own the guitar used by greats such as Stochelo, Bireli, Angelo, Tchavolo, and Dorado!

2022 Jean Barault Studio Model

Flagship features like a heat bent pliage and a grafted head stock at an amazing price!

2008 Tremblay Petite Bouche

Elegant Selmer copy from Montreal based luthier!


New Accessories

Kleio 47

Classic Django electric tone, built in Greece!

Kleio 51

This model features a separately mounted volume control for more flexibility!

The Oscar Alemán Play-Along Songbook Vol. 1

At last, accurate transcriptions of these classic performances!

Histoires Des Luthiers Jacques & Jean-Pierre Favino (IN FRENCH)

Coffee table style biography of the seminal French luthiers. Includes 900 photos and 156 guitars.


From the DjangoBooks Blog...

1960s Jacques Favino Selmer
1960s Jacques Favino Selmer
Posted by Michael Horowitz in "Guitars" on 11/25/2022 at 04:47 PM.

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