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New Gitane guitar

tomcramtomcram St. Louis, MONew
Does anyone know much about the new Gitane DG-310, Lulo Reinhardt Modele? It appears to be very similar to the DAG-300 Johnson Modele.

I am wondering if the neck is different and more like the other Gitane models?


Here's a link: ... ord=Gitane
J.T. (Tom) Crammond
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  • pmh425pmh425 Middle Island, NY✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 86
    It seems to have a different top finish (like the DG-250M, no aging toner) and East Indian Rosewood back and sides.
  • SoulShadeSoulShade NW Ohio, USANew
    Posts: 56
    Wow, that one slid under my radar. I'll be interested in seeing close-ups for better detail, but it looks like the differences are on Saga's site.
  • drollingdrolling New
    Posts: 153
    Well, I like the colour. Most Gitanes are too orange looking.

    But I'm more curious about the neck profile. The 250 & 255 have very slender necks compared to the 300, which is almost ideal for my hand.

    I've exchanged e-mails w/John Jorgenson, who told me he hopes to design a few more guitars w/Saga, and I hinted that there'd be a lot of interest in a 14 fret long scale D-hole.

    Has anyone had a chance to play the new 310 yet?
  • tomcramtomcram St. Louis, MONew
    Posts: 36
    I am curious about the necks on Gitanes. I played a D-500 - which had a wider neck but I did not like the action past the 7th fret. (I realize that sometimes the guitars need to be setup better). I have been told that the DG-250, DG-250M, and DG-255 have a more narrow neck.

    Having played for a number of years, I also realize a guitar, is a guitar, is guitar??? What I mean is you can have five of the same guitars and three will play well, One might be great and another one not so good?
    How is the production tolerances on Gitanes?

    JT (Tom) Crammond
    J.T. (Tom) Crammond
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  • drollingdrolling New
    Posts: 153
    As you say, some are obviously going to be better than others.

    I've read comments by at least one player who found that they ranged from 'spectacular' to 'just OK' and another member here who sent back his DG-300, as he preferred the sound & feel of his cheaper 250.

    I was in Toronto recently and had an opportunity to play several at the 12th Fret. They were all quite good, but had been expertly set up by their in-house luthiers. They also charge waaay too much for them.

    I have 3 I purchased on-line, and am very happy w/them all. The D-500 needed a fret levelling and the maple 250 needed a new bridge. The 300, which sees the most playing time, was perfect right out of the box.

    I've noticed that most current issue guitars are very consistent in quality. I would attribute this to the new technologies employed in their construction.

    To get back to your initial question, the nut width is narrower on the 250/255/300s than it is on the D-500. The D-500 is also the only model w/a 'normal' scale length. All others are just under 27" in length, which is standard for oval hole models.
  • TenorClefTenorClef UKNew
    Posts: 150
    I own two SagaMacs, a D500 and DG255. I like both of them and have had no major issues with them. A lot of guys have tweaked their Gitane guitars with new bridges, tail pieces or extreme cases french polished the finish. I found both played fine straight out of the box. The only changes i made were to add gypsy strings which immediately brought out the true colour of the instruments, however with the D500 after putting the Argentines on, it buzzed until i made a slight adjustment with the truss rod, now its fine. Also i removed the cheap plastic inlays from the tailpiece, removed the laquer from the brass with hot soapy water and put in a solid piece of ebony and a small piece of blue leather to ensure the tailpiece did'nt scatch the instrument, i also noticed that this improved the voicing with overtones.

    I must say that whilst these are both stock issue macs from saga they are somewhat underated, they most certainly produce a fantastic gypsy tone and provide satisfactory results without having to spend a fortune on a handbuilt model. I'm very much enjoying playing mine and have recently purchased a Schertler Dynamic-G pickup from this site which will be played through my Marshall Acoustic AS50. I would however very like like to hear if any one has yet tried saga's new DG310 Lulo model?
    Currently-Gitane 250M
    Previously-Gitane 255
    Previously- Gitane D500
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