NYC/Philly/Baltimore,Oberg workshop?

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Andrew Lawrence has been trying to organize some workshops with me but he's currently busy with other projects so Dan Kinter has promised to help me out instead and see if people are interested in his area. The dates are around the 13-15 Jan. 2006
Regards Andreas

Contact DAN:

Here's some info from Dan:
Here's what I propose:
We need to cough up enough dough to fly Andreas here and make it
worth his while, but he's not looking to get rich! Instead of West
Virginia, which is at least a 7 hour drive for me, we'll put it on
the east coast, geographically located nearest the most
participants. Think NYC, Philly, Baltimore...
We won't get fancy and hire out a hall. Hell, if we did it here,
we'd stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Quakertown (the one that
tolerated 40-person jams at 4:00 am during DFNE) and have the
workshops in my house, if that's what it takes to keep the cost down.
We need to cover the expenses for Andrew because he set this up and
does a lot for the music, and some money for a band for Andreas to
play with. Ameranouche!!! has expressed an interest and Andreas has
said that he would like to play with them.
Which brings up another point. You lads with the booking connections
may want to think about setting up a date in your area for
Andreas/Ameranouche!!! It would be a thrilling show, I assure you.
I'm not profiting from this in any way, and will be paying my share,
whatever that is. Maybe some of us would pay more to help cover
those who are a bit pinched. Maybe this co-op approach is the first
move of the Mid-Atlantic Gypsy Jazz Preservation Institute. I don't
know. But from what I've seen and heard of Andreas, I know I can
learn a thing or two from him. The samples of his book look good.
Hey, maybe Michael Horowitz can help us out with discounts on the
Andreas Oberg book for attendees (even though I've already ordered
Well, let the avalanche of replies begin!
Dan Kinter


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