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Some of the Just Relax errors

MarkMark AustraliaNew
edited January 2006 in Unaccompanied Django Posts: 22
Hi folks,

I'd like to point out some of the errors I found in the transcription of Just Relax. Michael's transcription is very good but there are some big errors in it that you should be aware of before you learn this piece. Some of the corrections make the piece easier to 'gypsy-pick' too! This is the first piece I've played from this great book, but it is a very satisfying piece to play.

- Bars 14,34 - should be a pull-off from C natural to open B not a trill onto C#
- Bars 19,23,27 (CM9/E) - open 6th string isn't played
- Bars 20,24,28 - second note is missed - should have an F# between E and G
- Bar 42 - D# not picked again
- Bar 64 - last chord (CM7) should have a G bass note not an E. 5th and 6th strings fretted with the 2nd finger
- Bar73 - FM should be played with the same rhythm as the preceding bar and then the bass note is separated on the Fm chord
- Bar 80 - wrong notes at beat 3 - A# C# A# B should be A C A# B
- Bar 86 - F13 chord missed at the end of the chromatic run

I'm not trying to nit pick here but it is frustrating to go back and learn a piece; so if I can save you that problem...



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