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Hello and Happy New Year everyone!
I just wanted to post about my upcoming workshop "Connectivity" at Mockingbird Music in Berlin MA on 1/8/2006.
Go to for more details.
About the workshop, it will be about connections as the name implies.
In a sentence, simplicity and complexity and some of the junctions
That move them as one.
The most obvious of which will be about the some of the basic
nomenclature or junctions of the guitar and how these junctions can
be connected to the chordal, rhythmic and melodic output to each of
us in attendance. I will be providing written formats that will allow
clarity and connectivity to all of us present to this end. These
formats will be in graph, notated and tab format and will deal in
basic concepts of how to view the guitar in a clear and connected way
from an individual as well as collective sense. Depending on the
group dynamic we will move to apply all this to one, two or possibly,
three standard compositions. These will be but not necessarily in
this order, Sweet Georgia Brown, Blues Minor or Anouman. I will also
have written formats pertaining to these tunes.
I've selected these compositions for several reasons. The most
obvious is that one is a slow ballad, one is a medium blues and the
other is a fast swinger. But more importantly, they are all very
similar yet very different. They all have very complex yet very
simple harmonic and melodic content. They are all extensions of the
blues format. Each one is a masterwork in and of itself. We will
look and hopefully in a group sense, see how they serve as clear
connections to many and really, all compositions as well as all
artistic output. I also chose them because they will allow us to
better familiarize ourselves with the connective possibilities as
they pertain to the guitar as stated above.
Most of us know these tunes and as such will give us a good place to
We will be dealing with pomp as well as soloing possibilities with
the above. All in attendance will have group and individual, pomp and
solo performance opportunities.
So in summary
Central compositions:
Sweet Georgia Brown
Blues Minor
Chords or harmonic structure:
Where and how they are constructed on the guitar
What chordal tensions are and how they can be used.
How they relate to single lines.
Chordal pomp
Sololistic construct
Melodic content:
Overall basic usage:
Melodic interpretation
Arpeggios and how they can be connected
Chordal extensions
This workshop will be for beginner and intermediate players but I
welcome any level of player.
You'll need to bring a guitar of course, some manuscript paper would
be helpful as well and a pencil or two if one breaks.
I hope to see you there.
Keep swingin'
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