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guitarshark Mandolen stevendeutsch

Paris swing 42? Cigano 15?

Hd to sell my cigano a while ago to pay for my nieces tuition.

I'm looking really hard at the Paris swing 42. I was considering a cigano 15, since I liked my last one so much....

Anyone had experience with the Paris swing? Maybe a comparison to the cigano? It the Paris swing twice the guitar as the cigano.

I don't pay out, and I haven't met any GJ players In Maine so far, so I'm pretty much playing for the wife and dog.....

Thanks in advance for any advice, and or opinions...
Ad design, illustration and fun!


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    Nobody has tried both the Paris swing and cigano? design, illustration and fun!
  • Posts: 55
    Stick with the Cigarno, the Paris swing models are crap, i have tried 4 models now an the scream bad quality, sorry to say so, they look the dogs bollocks but its all in the looks, no real gg mojo
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    I appreciate your honesty, anyone else care to weigh in? design, illustration and fun!
  • tommydavytommydavy ✭✭
    Posts: 25
    I think they are both decent for what they are (the oval hole versions). Recently I was given a Paris Swing and really like it. To me the selmer model (petite bouche) in both the paris swing and the cigano is a better sounding instrument more so than the D hole version. I recently used the Paris Swing to record a few tracks on my new cd and cafe gigs....if I didnt tell you who made could not tell it was not a european instrument (being played along with dupont, favino, selmer). I got lucky with a good sounding one. The 4 others I have played are comparable to my own. A few students of mine recently made the switch from a cigano after playing the paris swing model. More substancially built guitar than the cigano and overall good quality control (aside from one burr on a improperly pressed fret). The paris swing also gives you a nice DR tailpiece and grovers. Hope that gives you some idea.


  • kw3rdkw3rd New
    Posts: 22
    What is the neck like on the Paris Swing? Is it as skinny as the Cigano?
  • Posts: 37
    ahh the pain of no guitars to try out locally.... design, illustration and fun!
  • tommydavytommydavy ✭✭
    Posts: 25
    The paris swing has a more hefty selmer shaped neck than the cigano. Squared off profile and feels good in the hands.


  • atracksler wrote:

    Maybe a comparison to the cigano? It the Paris swing twice the guitar as the cigano.

  • B25GibB25Gib Bremerton WA✭✭✭✭ Holo Busato, Dell'Arte Hommage, Gitane D-500, Eastman AR805
    Posts: 178
    ......My first GJ guitar was a 2004 Gitane maple 250m. It had a slim neck profile which was fine for leads, but I realized after a year that "grabbing" GJ chords with more fretting hand contact with back of the neck and some bass string thumb chords took a "split second" more time to get into position since the fretting hand moved a further distance. I now own GJ guitars with a more "full" feel in the fretting hand.
    .......I've not played either the Paris swing 42 or the Cigano models but offer this info as I've played guitar since 1961.
    .......Jam on!
  • Posts: 37
    atracksler wrote:

    Maybe a comparison to the cigano? It the Paris swing twice the guitar as the cigano.


    Cigano costs @ 300 .... Paris swing @ 600... Is the Paris swing twice the guitar?

    Or once I buy the cigano, upgrade the tuners and tailpiece, should I just have bought either the Paris swing, or a gitaine.... design, illustration and fun!
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