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There must have been a good story behind this Selmac flaw

vincevince Davis & San Francisco, CANew
After someone (sorry for forgetting) recommended, I've been reading it non-stop. Deep inside the massive website, I ran across this:


The caption:
How about this one. It's an original Selmer Maccaferri guitar, just like the one Django played. The top lining was mortised in the wrong place for the braces. No big deal, we'll just chop out new mortises and leave the old holes; nobody will notice:

original link:

ha I love it... I would be a little mad if I peeked in my guitar with a mirror as I've done a few times and seen that!

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  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
    Posts: 1,252
    Hmmm... cool.

    It looks like it was notched for a D Hole and made into a Petit Bouche. You're looking at a fine example of 1930's "Just In Time" Manufacturing. I wonder what neck they put on it... maybe it was a "Frankenmac" ... something from the transition between gut & steel string and/or short & long scales where the steel strings warped the original top and they were in the process of figuring out they needed extra bracing with longer scales & steel strings. Mystery guitars like this one fascinate the heck out of me. Ahhh to be able to go back in time and spend a few weeks in that shop and know what they were thinking and talking about ... to have Django come in ... play a few guitar prototypes and give his opinions on each one. It is the stuff of dreams.
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  • bill raymondbill raymond Red Bluff, CA✭✭✭
    Posts: 42
    That was my thought, too, immediately when I saw that photo awhile back on Frank Ford's site. It really wouldn't have taken that long to cut pieces to fill the old notches and trim them to fit...
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