FOR SALE: GITANE DG-255 w/Bigtone and French Polish

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This item is for sale by me and currently listed on ebay: item #7383549836

This is a used Gitane DG-255 guitar. I purchased a couple years ago new. This guitar is MUCH nicer sounding than all the stock Gitane guitars I've played. The thick soundboard finish has been removed an a much higher quality, thin, French polished finish has been done on the soundboard. This greatly opened up the sound, making the instrument louder, more responsive, and it now has a fuller range timbre. Only really high end instruments offer French Polish as an upgraded finish, and it usually costs a lot more since it is very labor intensive. NOTE: this finish is a satin, brushed, type of polish--not glossy. Also, while it is in good condition, people need to be aware that this finish is much more fragile than industrial finishes, but what makes it fragile is also what makes it sound so good. So if you're looking for a guitar that's shiney and perfect looking, this finish is not for you. If you are more interested in sound than looks, then this is a great guitar.

The back and sides are the factory shiny finish and in good condition. The tail piece is in good shape but for some reason the coating over the brass is a little worn. The guitar pictures show a bit of dust on the guitar, but the back and sides are in pretty good shape with only a few small scratches.

The bridge has been upgraded to a Dell Arte Bigtone pickup. I order the bridge so the guitar is set up with a medium/high gypsy action. This is the typical action for these style guitars. If you want it lowered, that is easy to do by having the feet sanded down a little. The pickup is in like-new condition, I just bought it a few months ago. For some reason the end jack is a little tight when plugging in a cable, but it works fine. It's a $12 item that could be replaced from, but it does work just fine as-is.

I did a couple years of gigging on this guitar and also made a recording with it. If you'd like to hear sound samples and you have a fast connection, I could send some MP3 samples.

Please don't use the ebay address to send me questions. Send questions to: <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
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