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A very good, warm tube amp for little $

deadedithdeadedith New
edited April 2013 in Classifieds Posts: 44
Here are some reviews:

Read them first and if you are interested, let me know.
I talked with the designer Dennis Krager when I first bought the amp and asked him how to get less drive out of the preamp tubes; the amp out of the box was great, but it was too easy to overdrive the master tubes. Dennis had me switch out one of the preamp tubes with one a little less powerful. It now has what one of my friends calls 'the best clean tones he has ever heard.' Of course, he usually plays through a big Mesa-Boogie amp and a Les Paul, but still, he's right, the clean tones are very good.
This has never left my loft, I've used it but not heavily, the tubes should be good for a number of years, and everything works just fine.
After I bought it new for $240, the price went up to $320, but since I've had it for years I will let it go for $200 plus shipping. Lower 48.
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