"Hungaria" Sebastien Giniaux transcription

harryeharrye Australia✭✭✭ Antoine Prabel / Olivier Marin
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Hey guys,

I've put up a transcription I did a while back of Sebastien Giniaux playing Hungaria, from his trio CD.

The improvised head and 2 chorus' of solo are there, with an analysis of the first chorus of solo.

Hope some people find it useful :)


  • Lango-DjangoLango-Django Niagara-On-The-Lake, ONModerator
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    Thanks for sharing, Harry. I had a chance to catch Sebastien Giniaux at the Atelier Charonne while visiting Paris last January and I was totally in awe.

    I've been lucky enough to see a bunch of top level GJ players over the years, and they were all great, but if I had to pick my absolute favourite(s), I think it would have to come down to a tie between Rino van Hooijdonk and Sebastien Giniaux.

    OK, question... I'm not a real great reader of music and your transcription of Hungarian does not include a tab, but just looking at it this morning I think I spotted something interesting.

    Chorus two, bar eight features a phrase over an E7 chord which you have identified as a "tritone pedal". This looks to me as if it could have been played out of the shape which we're currently talking about in the Givone group, ie



    --6---------------- I'd be interested to know if I'm on the right track here or not?


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  • harryeharrye Australia✭✭✭ Antoine Prabel / Olivier Marin
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    Hey Will,

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah Sebastien Giniaux is awesome; definately one of my favourites in the manouche seen, along with Gonzalo. Such interesting ideas from Giniaux; have you heard his release 'Melodie des Choses'? Brilliant CD.

    As far as that shape goes, yeah it does look quite similar to the one you've found. In both cases looks to me as though the players (ie django/giniaux) are throwing together the root notes of the current chord, and its tritone substitution (ie an E and a Bb over the E7 chord). Its a nice shape, you're right.

    I like moving that shape up (the full one you are talking about in the other forum) in whole tones over a dominant chord, to get that altered whole tone sound; its quite nice.

    All the best and maybe I'll see you in paris next year; I'm trying to get there for a few months in May/June.


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