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Gitane John Jorgenson For Sale

aa New York City✭✭✭✭
in Classifieds Posts: 800
I just set up my Gitane JJ model with 11s and an upgraded bridge. I've recently been playing my Favino size guitars and wanted to keep this one around as my Selmer. It's been my main guitar for a few years now. The new setup makes it scream. I'm probably going to regret this.. but in the spirit of spring cleaning, I'm putting it up for sale. I might change my mind about moving this thing, but if you hit me up now, I'd probably sell it. It's a workhorse instrument, has seen a lot of gigs, and has a few minor cracks near the fret board (not affecting the sound or playability in anyway). I used it to record some of the tracks on my website ( ). It's my baby I don't want to part with it !! Message me if you are interested.
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