My New Album "Distance" - out now and available for download/streaming!!!

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Hi Guys,

I've spent the last few months recording and producing my first gypsy jazz album under my own name. I've written some tunes, and play arrangements of O Dewel, Me Hum Mato, and The Waves of the Danube. My own songs are fairly traditional - some swingers, some ballads, two waltzes, and an improvised solo thing inspired by the Bach solo violin pieces. I guess you'd say it sits fairly squarely in the Tchavolo camp :)

It also features some excellent Australian musicians that you may not have heard before, thanks to our relative isolation over here - Sal Greco on accordion, Sam O'Halloran on rhythm guitar, and Enzo Ruberto on bass.

If you have the time, head over and have a listen. I'd love to hear your thoughts - this is the first time that I've put out something in this style that is entirely my own conception.

Physical copies should be coming in a few weeks, so if anyone wants one of those, let me know.

Anyway, I don't want to make this a big sales pitch, but I've learned a lot from this forum in the last few years, and want to share some of that with you guys. I hope you enjoy the listen,


ps the forum seems to be embedding the player. To view it in Bandcamp and hear all the songs - click on the album title below.
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