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Bigtone construction: Dupont vs DellArte vs ?

I've have a DellArte Hommage with a DellArte Bigtone and I've also put on a Dupont Bigtone that I purchase here on another guitar. The thing I notice that was different about the construction was the DellArte element seemed to be installed by slicing the top of the bridge off and installing in the middle. The Dupont element seemed to be epoxied into the bottom of the bridge. I no longer have the Dupont BT, but my memory is that it sounded warmer than the DellArte BT. Perhaps this is because it's in the epoxy and further from the strings. I also assumed the elements were different, but **** sent me an email saying he was the person who referred Dupont to the German maker of the piezo element--so they both use the same element according to him. There's a big price difference, so I'm wondering if my experience of sound difference is typical or not. Any opinions? Does anyone know exactly who the German maker of the element is and their contact info? I have a new guitar and need a new pickup, but if they are the exact same element/pickup, I'd rather not pay $110 more for a Dupont BT since they are already quite expensive. But if there's a legitimate difference, I would consider getting the Dupont.


  • Al WatskyAl Watsky New JerseyVirtuoso
    Posts: 440
    The thing about this type of pickup is that they have all been said to be inconsistent from one to the other due to the fact that the element is glued under pressure into the body of the bridge.
    Its hard to control the amount of clamping pressure so the result is that amplitude and tone vary from unit to unit. the clamping pressure is hard to control .
    Other builders have used this embedded piezo element method as well and have abandoned it because of the unavoidable variables.
    It seems that the GJ folks are the only folks using this method these days, because I suppose these have been accepted by the players. Although no one seems to capital L love them.
    These could be Shadow brand transducers as the Shadow folks make a center terminated transducer that would adapt to this use. You could use any type actually as it happens.
    So that leaves you with your choice between the two which I would base on the quality of the wood used for the bridge. If theres no difference there. Go with the less expensive model.
  • Charlie AyersCharlie Ayers Salt Lake CityProdigy
    Posts: 286
    My experience with them, for what it's worth, is that they have varied a lot in weight - some have been in ebony, I think, and others in ebonized rosewood. I've never had a Dupont-made bigtone, just Dell 'Arte and Shelley Park-made examples. The latter's (including the one I have now) have seemed lighter in weight and provided more volume.
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