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I know that it's virtually impossible to have gypsy style playing with no rhythm guitar but I was wondering is anyone doing anything like that?

I live in a tiny town in the North part of the Louisiana (not even the "cool" or cajun part) and there is no other players here interested in GJ. I have a gig playing restaurant jazz with a bass player each Sunday one of our major restaurants (there is no other jazz going on here other than at the local university where I teach guitar). I play a variety of jazz on that gig including a few Django tunes along with a mix of bebop, early era, 50s-60s era and standards and so forth. I include some Wes, Charlie Christian in there too.

I have a few guitars but I find it really works the best with my Gibson ES775 (like a 175) because it's so full and has sustains well for a hollow body.

I've been on a gypsy jazz binge here for about the last 3 months and have pulled out my Dunn Belleville and gotten on with it daily, but I hesitate to bring it to my gig - still not entirely comfortable with that.
Anyway - is there anyone out there playing their gypsy style guitar with no rhythm player?


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