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  • Jangle_Jamie 12:16AM

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Gitane DG-340 (Stephane Wrembel model) videos and reviews?

Any reviews about the Gitane DG-340 Stephane Wrembel model? I can't seem to find any video of this model so I really don't know how does it sounds and if it is a good starting gypsy jazz guitar. I found someone who sells a Gitane DG-340, it's in very good condition and he sells it for $680, but I don't really have an idea how it sounds. So I'm hoping that someone here, who bought this model, in the forums can provide some videos. Also, there is no video of this model on the Guitars column unlike on other guitars where Michael provided videos and soundclips. Thanks in advance!


  • bopsterbopster St. Louis, MOProdigy Altamira M30, Wide Sky PL-1, 1940? French mystery guitar
    Posts: 512
    Here's a video I found:

  • Posts: 4,492
    I haven't heard one in person but I doubt Stephane would let Saga stamp his name on something that's sub par. If the guitar has no defects or damage you should be good.
    Michael usually only does a demo for the luthier built guitars.
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • Thanks for that video @bopster, I haven't seen that video anywhere.

    @Buco - I agree with you on that. I also saw some videos recently where Stephane actually played his Gitane model but unfortunately, he wasn't playing Gypsy jazz (that's why I tried to seek other videos of the guitar), it was some kind of a fusion style. The seller said to me that the guitar is practically brand new, no issues or whatsoever. His actual listed price was roughly $904, but he gave a last price of $678. I think I'm already lucky with that price.
  • Franz MoralesFranz Morales Philippines✭✭
    Posts: 85
    Hi Nathan , I saw the post of the seller in another forum, the guitar looks brand new and looks good for the price :) Hope you'll be able to use it on our next jam!
    Nathan Sist
  • Posts: 4,492
    That is a good price for the close to new guitar. If it sounds as good as the one from the video you'll be in good shape for a good while.
    Good luck!
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • I'm betting on this one and starting to invest for the guitar. I hope that I'll get this one as it will be my first gypsy jazz guitar. I'll post some updates soon if I finally got the guitar. Thanks to all!
  • everetteverett san francisco✭✭✭
    Posts: 153
    I love my wrembel gitane. I put a dupont bridge on it, and the action is nice and high...decently loud guitar and a nice mid to lower end. i like jamming with this guy, but i usually gig with my dupont.
    Nathan Sist
  • @everett - Great! I really need all of the things/reviews I can get about this model, so it's nice to hear from someone who really owns the guitar. If you wouldn't mind and you have photos, videos, or soundclips of the guitar, can you share it here? But nonetheless, thanks for the insight about the guitar.
  • everetteverett san francisco✭✭✭
    Posts: 153
    i don't have any videos or recordings, just photos

    my friend playing the guitar, and me on my dupot

    me on the gitane and my friend on his anastasio

    me playing the gitane with my friends in Gaucho
    i've owned 3 gitanes and 2 duponts, and by far my favorite guitar is the dupont DM 50, f-hole chorus model

    it's more versatile for other styles of playing. the only thing that sucks is that it doesn't mount a magnetic pickup easy (like a peche a la mouche). you have to putty it to the top which deadens the acoustic sound (which is ok since you have the magnetic anyway).

    the wrembel gitane is my close second favorite. more than my dupont MDC 50, which was a great guitar. the gitane is fun because i don't worry about it as much since it's an asian production guitar, and it still has great tone. you can mic it or put the peche a la mouche on it and it sounds good. still works for a rhythm guitar too because it's not as quacky as other petit bouche guitars that i've tried.
    Nathan Sist
  • Nice pics you got there! :) Based on your review about the guitar, I can sense that this model is really good and I think it would really do the job for me. I just hope that I get it on time before somebody does.
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