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At DIJ, classic Epiphone or Gibson archtop for sale

MarkAMarkA Vermont✭✭✭ Holo Epiphany, French mystery, Gibson L-5
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As I am sure the rest of you who are coming to Django in June, I am so looking forward to another great week there. It truly is a phenomenal event, many thanks Andrew! I have found that old archtops tend to follow me home. I'd like to find a new home for one of them. Tough choosing which one, so I'll describe the three of them. If anyone coming to DIJ is interested, send me a PM and I'll bring the guitar along to show you. They include:
1951 Epiphone Devon in excellent original condition, a full size (17 3/8 inch lower bout) carved top Epi that is balanced and sweet. Asking $2200 with original Lifton case.
1935 Gibson L-4 that has been beautifully restored by luthier Jim Millinchuk, great sound, this is the style of the early L-5s (Eddie Lang) with fancier fretboard inlays, carved top and back, attractive maple, sounds great. Asking $3400 with a later Stagg case.
1955 Epiphone Emperor, one of the last made by Epiphone, it was bought in 1956 and stored in an attic until I bought it a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, the pickguard melted, damaging part of the top finish. It's been repaired but still visible (I didn't want to refinish to top because 5% of it was damaged). A huge sound. Asking $5100 with original Lifton case.
I'm definitely keeping one or two of these. It's hard to say which one I most like or want to sell, which one is my favorite changes all the time (my ALD gets played the most, and nfs).
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