Q&A with Christiaan van Hemert - right hand technique - episode 2

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Q&A with Christiaan van Hemert - right hand technique can be watched on the link below. Almost 40 minutes long, providing some excellent insights and examples. Well worth watching!


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    Now I know why my middle finger kept trying to come out!

    After sitting with Kamlo Barre at DiJ I have started using a floating hand with very little of what Christian calls "anchoring". Even though the fingers brushing against the guitar surface feels more natural I find I am only able to stay completely relaxed with the floating hand. Kamlo suggested I hold a cigarette lighter with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th fingers of the R hand while picking - and then drop the lighter and use that exact position!

    Anyone here feel strongly about "anchoring"? Stochelo and Angelo both do it so it can';t be bad!
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    Much of that comfort depends on the size of ones hand. For those of us with good mason's hands, fingers spread saves knuckle damage or over arching the wrist. I can tuck my fingers but it creates tension in my right hand, and then they have to open out and brush the top when I play single string. Christiaan gives excellent pointers for beginners, but it is always best to get an early lesson on technique from an expert for those who are in their early stages, as we are all different and that needs to be taken into consideration.
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    This is great -- thanks!

    If Christiaan is looking in on these threads and taking suggestions, I'd like to echo what Amund said in the first one:
    It could be a great idea to talk about how Stochelo ties his licks up to chord positions.
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    Omg does anybody know the name of the piece played in the last few seconds of the video? It's really beautiful
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