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Right Hand Technique

RookieRookie Berlin, GermanyNew
edited March 2006 in Technique Posts: 22

I'm quite new to this style, so I've got a question concerning the right hand.

How am I supposed to grab the Pick? I hold it between the thumb and the index finger [I believe that's correct] but where should I put the other fingers? Shall I make a "fist"? And is my hand "allowed" to contact the other strings while I'm playing?

I would be glad, if one of you could help me out with a general "Howtodo" concerning the "boom-tchak" rhythm, sorry but I don't know the "official" term

Thanks in advance

As usual I'm sorry for my bad English...

GreetZ Rookie
Wisdom hunts me, but I am faster...


  • pdaiglepdaigle Montreal, QCNew
    Posts: 233
    You should make a fist with your other fingers.

    One advice: do yourself a favor and get Michael Horrowitz's Gypsy Picking book (available from this site) ...he descirbes in great detail how to hold the pick and the basic right hand technique necessarty to get the right tone in this style.

    The boom-tchac is refered to as 'la pompe'. Read Dennis's reply to this thread : ... ight=pompe

    for a good explanation or wait for Michael's book on Gypsy Rhythm...
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