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Know of any teachers in the Barrie, ON. or Muskoka?

Joshl-mJoshl-m New
edited January 2017 in Technique Posts: 76
Hi, Just wondering if anyone here would know of guitar teachers(Specialising in Gypsy jazz) in the Barrie, Ontario area or in Muskoka. I am located in Orillia, which puts me kind of in the middle. I consider myself an intermediate level player. I know lots of other people in the area that are good players but none that have any real knowledge of GJ. I have a hard time working from video courses because I have 3 kids constantly trying to take my guitar as soon as I pick it up. So, most of my real practice happens outside of the house.
Upon risk of embarrassment(Because I know there are some excellent players here), I'm posting a link to a couple videos, so you have a sense of where I am with my playing. Currently spending a lot of time on arpeggios, but it is slow going.


  • PA-AndyPA-Andy Pennsylvania New Dupont md 100
    Posts: 12
    Beautiful rendition of solo to minor swing. Great outside the box approach-amazing how well it stands as a solo piece. We can always tune up our gypsy technique-although to my ear any imperfections i heard didnt detract from the gestalt of the piece. Imo you can get what you need as far as technique from a couple of lessons from a teacher- listening to the masters and your own inner ear will do the rest
    Sick for Django
  • Joshl-mJoshl-m New
    Posts: 76
    Thanks! That's really encouraging.
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