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Anou-Man Fiorrentino

Whats strings to use if you are in a bind? (Since Argies etc.. are mail order)

Have you ever been caught with no gypsy strings because you went thru the four sets you bought a while back? The only compatible strings that I can get locally are Martin Silk and Steels but these are heavier than 11's (like 11.5) and not advisable for GJ, therefore not compatible. What can you use if you dont have real gypsy strings and you need them today?


  • Elí SaúlElí Saúl Toluca, Mexico.New Dell'Arte DG-H2
    Posts: 99
    I actually i am in that position right now, and will have to wait to get GJ strings again because well, I have no money.

    I only know about S&S as an alternative, and some that are called cometa that are silver plated Cooper that are sold commonly here in Mexico.

    However I see you reside in New York according to your profile, wouldn't it be much easier for you to get idk D'addario Gypsy Jazz strings on Amazon? The shipping is free inside USA as far I'm concerned, i been using D'addario's for a long time now, it's the top choice for my archtop and Dell'Arte guitars.
    They're good sounding, and have a considerable good amount of life (more than argies) cleaning the strings on a regular basis, and also are cheaper than argies. You can find them at 8 bucks I believe.

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