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Question for Andreas

tobykeatobykea New ZealandNew
edited April 2006 in Technique Posts: 11
Hi Andreas, My name is Toby and first of all I've got to say I love your playing. Absolutely fantastic!

I'm the same age as you and play here in New Zealand for a living so if you ever decide to come down under for a holiday or a gig I'd be happy to show you around

Anyway, I am currently trying to work through the tune you recorded on "Young Jazz Guitarist", "My Kind of Bebop" and have run into a few problems regarding fingering and picking technique.

Right at the intro of the head with the piano player during the Bmaj7 to B11(just before you change to the Ebmaj9) you play a run and I'm not sure if you are playing a swept arpeggio or using pure alternate picking. The little run outlines a B11 starting off the 7th(Ab) then C,Eb,G,Bb,Ab.

I'm sorry I'm having to explain it to you this way but I don't have any Tab software.

I'm just wondering if you play that run as a maj7 arpeggio using sweep picking say from the Ab on the A string or you use alternate picking starting from the D string. Basically I'm just not sure of the fingering and picking you would use for this run.

The other run I'm having trouble with is again during the head when you go to the C#minor section. Yo play an E maj7 arpeggio using some picking method on the way up(alternate or swept, not sure??) and then during the F#dom you play a Eb triad run, again I'm not sure if you use any sweeps or just alternate.

Sorry this is a long winded way to go about asking you some simple questions. If I have'nt explained things clearly enough I'll re-post with track times where the runs occur.

If you get time to answer this thank you in advance. Keep up the great playing and it would be good to see you play here in NZ some time.




  • tobykeatobykea New ZealandNew
    Posts: 11
    Hi Andreas, I made a typo in my previous post. It should have read Bbmaj7 and Bb11 but I'm sure you know what I meant.


  • AndreasObergAndreasOberg Stockholm,SwedenModerator
    Posts: 522
    Hi Toby!
    Thanks for your mail, I'm glad you like my playing. I understand your questions, no problem:)

    1. I use alternate picking on that phrase because I play the phrase on the d, g, and b string. You could just as well sweep it from 4th string to 1st string ending up in the 3rd position, but that's not the position where I normally play it. Both ways work fine.

    2. This phrase is hard if you don't find a good picking pattern, fingering.
    I usally sweep the phrase, but alternate picking works as well. I play the phrase on the e, b and g string stretching from 11th to 7th fret on the Emaj7 arpeggio and stretching from the 11th to the 6th fret on the Eb triad.

    All the best
  • tobykeatobykea New ZealandNew
    Posts: 11
    Thanks very much Andreas for answering my questions.

    I've been trying to figure out alot of the phrases you play on that song by watching the video clip of you playing it live. It's hard when you can't slow it down(haven't come across any video slow down software yet) but I'm getting there.

    I've been immersing myself in this style of playing for around a year now and it's starting to come together. I just love the way guys like yourself create phrases the weave through the chord changes.

    I play alot of country guitar (Albert Lee, Brent Mason style etc) and I find alot of similarities with the phrasing of it and Bebop, although harmonically the bebop stuff is much more advanced.

    Anyway, thanks for the tips, much appreciated.

    It's a hard road getting it all under your fingers but a rewarding one and as they say, the only shortcuts are at the butchers!


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