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DPA 4099 guitar mic with amp help!

I've been playing with a peche a la mouche pickup and my AER amp for a few years now and I've managed to get a decent tone with it. However, I recently purchased a DPA 4099 guitar mic in hopes of getting closer to a more acoustic sound.

I did a little bit of research before I bought the mic and decided to also buy a preamp so I could have a little more control over it. I ended up buying the Headway EDB-1 preamp after reading several reviews and watching a few videos.

The problem is, I still feel like I don't know how to properly use the preamp with my AER amp and the DPA mic. I can't quite get the volume I need without it feeding back or sounding thin and tinny.

I was hoping that someone on here had a little bit of experience using the DPA mics with AER amps and either a preamp or specifically the Headway EDB-1.

Are there any useful resources out there about using preamps with guitar mics and amps? I've found a few videos but nothing super useful. I've read the manual on for the Headway, but still feel a bit lost....

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated!!!


  • ScoredogScoredog Santa Barbara, Ca✭✭✭✭
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    Where are you trying to use the DPA, if it is not in a concert environment or relatively quiet venue you will still have feedback issues.
  • Does your preamp have a notch filter (aka feedback control) The sound of the mic could well be an impedance mismatch amongst a number of other factors. You will need to do some reading on mic use and the issues around it.

    I use a DPA 4099 on my sax in a Rock/Pop/R&B amplified environment and have no feedback problems with it. Guitars are more prone to feedback with the coupling of the body and external high powered vibrations. Find the body resonant frequency and notch filter it out.
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    The Dpa is fantastic !! but it's true that i've tried it against my audio technica 831, and in the aer , i could hear much diference , but when you play in the PA with sound engineer , they can hear a big diference and make a killer sound for you.
  • Posts: 218
    it's true that if you use it in a loud environnement you need to try to place yourself behind the amp , or find a new so that it's not getting too much sound from a drum or loud instruments like that
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