Pulling the neck on a nomade - how easy does it go back together?

colorado_hickcolorado_hick Hotchkiss Colorado✭✭

I have an oval-hole dupont nomade that I often use with a krivo single coil. The end of the fretboard is cut flush instead of convex (like most other contemporary oval hole models i have seen) which means that the pickup sticks down into the sound hole. Not the end of the world but still...

I am a marginally apt luthier, I have built a couple banjos and a telecaster and I have a decent shop. I am wondering about removing the next and cutting the curve into the floating fret board so that things fit better.

My question is, do the necks go back on pretty much exactly like they come off? I like my neck angle and action where it is right now.


  • jonpowljonpowl Hercules, CA✭✭✭ Dupont MD-100, Altamira M01F
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    I think it would be a whole lot easier to buy a rectangular Nuevo or Humbucker from Jason and sell your current odd shaped pickup. I would contact Jason Krivo and find out about the shaped pickup, perhaps it is all epoxy and could be trimmed. Better to alter the pickup than ruin the resale value of your Dupont.

  • t-birdt-bird Portland, Oregon Castelluccia Nuages, Dupont Nomade
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    In my experience, the action and neck angle aren't noticeably different before and after removing/reattaching.

    That said, I'm with Jon - you'd be better off finding a pickup that fits the current design. I am guessing the curved accent on the pickup is just aesthetic and could be trimmed. Would be easy to find out.

  • stuologystuology New
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    Isn’t the Nomad designed with a removable neck? I thought that was one of its selling points.

  • Posts: 3,649

    I was never a fan of any GJ guitar with the square fretboard end, always thought that young moon fretboard end is a part of what made Selmer a Selmer. That said, I'm pretty sure the convex extension of the Krivo is just cosmetic. See if you can confirm that but I'd think you can just chop it off. Actually I think it was a member of the forum that gave Jason the idea to do that. But that member was hoping to trim the overall depth of the pickup by making it convex shaped on the fretboard ending side, so that the pickup isn't covering that much of the soundhole. Instead he added a lip to it which made it a whole lot more cosmetically appealing but didn't do anything to narrow the overall depth of the pickup.

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  • BonesBones Moderator
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    Can you just set up a jig and router the shape you want with the neck on the guitar?

  • colorado_hickcolorado_hick Hotchkiss Colorado✭✭
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    I talked to Jason, the hump is not functional so I will change the pickup shape and not the fingerboard shape.

    Thanks for the advice!

  • BonesBones Moderator
    Posts: 3,181

    Nice yeah that seems a lot easier.

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