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piedpuant Darius-Scheider TomDale ghank47

Eastman gypsy neck profile chunky or more dupont like?

Hello I was trying to get an idea of the neck thickness of the Eastman dm1. I have small hands and currently use a stringphonic which is the best sounding guitar I've ever had (including dupont and mateos) but the neck is chunky and tends to be difficult to navigate with my smaller hands. Thank you in advance!



  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 5,893

    @constantine The Eastman necks are modern and very similar to a Dupont neck. They aren't very deep and are generally C shaped, but a bit flatter on the back then Dupont.

  • bohemewarblerbohemewarbler St. Louis, MO✭✭✭✭ Jordan Wencek No.16, Altamira M01
    edited September 2019 Posts: 218

    @constantine I played the Eastman DM2 just a couple of weeks ago. The neck is real easy. It felt like my Altamira, which, if I recall correctly, Michael thought those necks were similar to the Dupont. I would rate the Eastman playability as a 5 out of 5. Not too thin either, which can be a distraction.

    Like you, I don't like the chunky necks. I guess their Stringphonic specs are like the original #503, so I am assuming that would make them more chunky and not like the modern necks. Perhaps Michael can speak to that.

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