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*FREE* Gypsy Jazz Lessons by Skype

AurélienAurélien France✭✭✭ CHARDONNET
edited April 2020 in Technique Posts: 53

Django in June opened its arms to me in 2010 and I would be forever thanking Andrew Lawrence for this great experience.Mark Gillard have create a crowdfunding for support this great Festival on this difficult time.

If I can help Django in June get my level, I would.

I can give free English Gypsy Jazz lessons by skype for students who want it.

I can do different parts :

-for beginer

-Gypsy picking (right hand and the left too)

-Gypsy thinking

-questions and answers

-How to play a melodie


-Gypsy Jazz harmony's rules

In return they could give whatever they want in the crowdfunding.

I take rdv with the students when they gave money in the jar.

it can do the morning in Boston time.

if you are interrested :

Crowdfunding :



  • edited April 2020 Posts: 3,743

    Wow man!! That is so wonderfully awesome from you! I wish you had this offer before I sent in my support haha!

    I've been a little bummed that the fundraiser has been kinda sluggish. My thinking is at least a 1000 people went through the event over the years. If only 40% of them chipped in with $20 that would amount to what the fundraiser is looking to get. Some people I talked to think Andrew has paid out over $8000 for the 2020 event out of pocket already. It's possible that a lot of attendees just aren't aware of the fundraiser. I suggested to try to send a mass email based on the lists Andrew used to send out after the event (which he stopped because someone forwarded the list to some companies which then started spamming people...). I'd think for this reason only everyone would be ok with that. I understand the times are incredibly hard for a lot of people but that's where the power of mass crowdfunding comes in. The goal can be accomplished with very little when divided over a large group of people.

    C'mon now let's show Andrew some love and $$$ and learn from the best at the same time!

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • AurélienAurélien France✭✭✭ CHARDONNET
    Posts: 53

    You are definitively right Buco !!!

    come on for a lesson if you want...

  • Posts: 3,743

    Thank man, that's very nice of you. It's hard for me to set the time aside these days. That said I'd love to. I'll get in touch if I can. Thank you!

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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