How to measure bridge height exactly on low E and high E

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I am thinking of getting a higher bridge (Dupont Nr.3) as the string Action is Just a little Bit too low (already shimed on the high E) I have all the tools to fit the bridge, but I am still struggling with the way to exactly measure the height of the bridge on the high and low E in order to file it down to the correct specification. I want to keep the correct radius of the bridge, and the stringaction height difference between high E and low E side (0,5 mm). Therefore I would like To measure the bridge from time to time while filing it down. I know where to go with the Bridge Nr. 3 by measuring Bridge Nr.2 and adding just a little bit, to get rid of the buzz.

But what is the best way to measure the absolut bridge height exactly ? Measuring with a Caliper by putting the Bridge on a flat ruler and measuring the distance from bottom of the ruler to the top to the bridge ? Is the slot depth inlucded (the slot is to thin on the high E) ? DOn which position should I measure ? Are there any special tools available ?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks and greetings from Austria


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