Gypsy Jazz TRIC case, NOT!

therealguyfitherealguyfi Milwaukee, WINew Barault

After following a few threads on Godin’s TRIC cases I saw that they were now selling a gypsy jazz case so I ordered it. Although the website makes no mention of this it turns out it’s specifically for their “Gypsy Jazz” guitar which is a (chambered?) solid body guitar, much thinner than a standard GJ guitar. Not even close to fitting my Barault. They said they’d take it back but it cost me $67 to ship it back too Canada.


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    the standard tric case works well for a standard GJ guitar(not a Favino size) but you'll need a soft filler at the heel of the body to keep it from sliding around inside of the case during travel. ( i use and old pair of socks balled up.

    the nicest thing about the TRIC case is the storage. I can carry a tablet in the zippered pocket and the compartment below the neck holds a fair amount of strings, wax, picks, cleaning clothes and even my Peche pickup and chord for same.

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    I have the "Multiac Steel" model of the TRIAC and it fits my Favino-sized guitar just fine. There's several models so it's vital to check dimensions of the case against those of the particular guitar you're looking to house in it- and then double and triple check them.

    I made a similar mistake and had to return a wrong purchase to get this one.

  • therealguyfitherealguyfi Milwaukee, WINew Barault
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    When you say “the standard” which model are you referring to? And does the bridge rub against the top of the case?

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    I was helping a friend look for the new case and looked at Godin site. None of the listings on their site for their cases make no mention of the size of different models. I went there because sizes on Amazon listings may or may not be shown. They have several models on Amazon with just "acoustic guitar" in the description with no other specifics but each has different model number. Gypsy Jazz case on Godin site just says that with no mention or even a hint that it's for their specific model. It simply states this is the case for Gypsy Jazz guitar. It's all pretty silly.

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    I struggled to figure out which case to get and made the mistake of ordering a case that wasn't deep enough because of the lack of information paired with the difference in branding of the different cases under the Godin umbrella.

    I know that I found a resource that listed all dimensions but can't remember where.

    Closest I came to with a quick Google search is attached.

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