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I am relatively new to GJ and have been enjoying the playing of Tchavolo Scmitt and Favino Lorier. It's very bouncy, full of energy and I seem to be able to make sense of it and incorporate it into my own playing more so than other styles. I can hear that Favino has borrowed a lot from Tchavolo. The question is what am I missing in the middle? Any other players I should be aware of? Is there a general Alsace style where I can hear more of this? (Unfortunately, I cannot just go to Alsace to find out!)



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    If you are talking about the Alsace/Forbach region then I would say the originator/godfather of that style is the great Dorado Schmitt. From there you have his sons Amati and Samson. Other great players from the region to check out are: Brady Winterstein, Pansch Weiss, and Mike Reinhardt.

    For rhythm guitar you have Hono Winterstein, Popots Winterstein, and Benji Winterstein.

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    Mandino Reinhardt comes to mind, especially his album Digo o dives.

    Mito Loeffler also.

    I believe Yorgui Loeffler is from Alsace, but he is also heavily influenced by the Dutch style.

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    Of course Yorgui Loeffler! I can't believe I forgot to mention him.

    Some other players to check out are Dino Mehrstein and Francko Mehrstein.

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    Biréli Lagrène was born just north of Strasbourg in Alsace. I've seen Francko Mehrstein play rhythm guitar with Dorado and he is rock solid.

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