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piedpuant Darius-Scheider TomDale ghank47

Quite a selection of used guitars out there

Anyone else notice that there seem to be quite a lot of quality used guitars out there at the moment?

There are several (!) Collinses, several (!) Parks, Gallatos and Favinos out there for example among others. It is not uncommon to see these guitars out there occasionally but so many at one time? Maybe it is Dog Days of Summer Syndrome or maybe just coincidence. Or...perhaps they were put there just to taunt to poor, underfunded souls who want them!



  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
    Posts: 1,252
    This happens about this time of year...

    All the guys who've gotten new axes over the past year start thinking: "Gee, with Samois and Djangofest Northwest coming up - I bet now would be a good time to sell my other Gypsy guitar. I'm actually thinking of doing the same thing. I have ?? 7 guitars now - only three of which I play a lot... and I'm building one - so, within a couple months - I'll have 8 guitars. That just flat takes up a LOT of room. Literally - it fills a decent sized hall closet from floor to ceiling. I think my goal is to eventually get to 4 guitars and stay there:

    1 D Hole Mac or Flamenco
    1 Oval Hole
    1 Acoustic Archtop
    1 Electric Archtop
    1 Flatpicker / Strummer
    You get one chance to enjoy this day, but if you're doing it right, that's enough.
  • archtoparchtop Portland, OR
    Posts: 6

    In true GAS style, your list of 4 ideal guitars actually contains 5! So... that's how you get 'em past Whitney? "No dear, that pile of cases in the closet, that's just 2 guitars - and I borrowed 'em both!"

    Don't forget, if you need an archtop, I've got that Moll - its got your name on just know it :)

    in need of a witty tag line
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