DG 255 Shoddy Tailpiece

Hi. I bought a gitane dg 255 from musikhaus thomann (which by the way took 3 months to deliver, despite them constantly emailing me to say it was coming in a week) and after having it only 3 weeks I was playing and the B string snapped off, I was quite annoyed as I'd literally just put new strings on it (argentine 11s) but when I had a look the string hadn't broken, it was actually the little metal bridge pin thing which had come out. The metal on the tailpiece around it had just bent and come loose from the normal pressure from the string and the pin shot out at a rate of knots. I have bodged it for now by just threading the string through the hole in the tailpiece from underneath and it works fine, no loss of tone or anything, but it's my pride and joy and I don't think that should happen on a guitar I've only just bought, makes you wonder what else is wrong with it. So can anyone recommend a decent replacement tailpiece that would fit this guitar?

But be warned about Thomann, they are not great communicators when things go wrong, I have sent emails to them that don't get any reply and in the end I have had to call them about 10 times and really fight my corner to get any help on this and when there were ridiculous delays to deliver the guitar in the first place.


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    Check out this site for replacement parts-
    http://www.****/guitar_parts.p ... rod=6&sp=1
    On another note i've never had any problems dealing with Thomann, i like them, their prices are very good. I also have the DG255 and regularly use it in the context of guitar, double bass, drums and tenor sax and so far it has'nt let me down. I also use a Marshall AS50 amp and Schertler transducer. A nice combination for a warm sound with some edge to it.
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