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Thanks to Josh

pallopennapallopenna Rhode IslandNew
Several weeks ago I ordered two bridges from Josh for two different guitars. I had no idea how to specify what I wanted, but Josh was able to ask the right questions and help me zero in on the tonal and playing characteristics that I was hoping to get from the guitars. He was very patient in answering all of my questions about the whole process. In short, he was a total pleasure to deal with.

In addition, I put both bridges on the other day and can say that he hit the nails right on the head(s)! Both of my guitars sound better now than they did three days ago. My Collins - which is a bit of a darker, more mellow sounding guitar - now sounds punchier, and my Dupont - which was already a great sounding guitar has an added vibrancy and responsiveness that is just fantastic. This is a great service that Michael and Josh are offering - just one more reason to support Djangobooks!

So, a big thank you; I hope I can thank you in person sometime in the future.

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  • Josh HeggJosh Hegg Tacoma, WAModerator
    Posts: 622
    Paul... and every one,

    I know I emailed with you about your kind words but I just wanted to publicly thank you for this post. I know it's old and at the expense of looking like I want to puff my ego I'm going to post any way!

    Maybe it's the Holiday season but I feel like thanking all of you that post on a regular bases. It's your input and ideas that have helped build the GJ community in to so many places. It's a passion for many of us and there is little time during the day that passes that we are not thinking about music. More specifically Jazz played on a Selmer style guitar or in the style of Django, Stephan and so many other amazing musicians in the this vain.

    I started building bridges for GJ style guitars because I wanted to understand what made these instruments so great. It was my passion for the instrument and the music that got me started. When my work helps, even a little, to fuel your passion... To me that is perfection.

    So thank you for your input not only on this amazing style of music and playing but also on the smallest of details that make up the fabric of the GJ community.

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