"I'll see you...Dreams" observations

stublastubla Prodigy Godefroy Maruejouls
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OK-i've more or less got this licked----but the tempo is shocking isn't it?
I worked it out by ear first--then double checked against Dennis'(hard work....... well done mate) and Visvaders'(masterpiece) transcriptions

Thats an order i recommend for transcribing btw--do it yourself--then seek other sources.

It suddenly occured to me that in bars 21-24 those fingered and then open E's are all played with downstrokes by Django!--insanely fast and his wrist but have been made of rubber..:-)
Most guys i've seen(including the gypsies) play those bars alternate picking.
Anyway--those bars played correctly 'set' the tempo, as it were, for me-- just like those descending F major 7th licks at the beginning of the solo
i'm two thirds there-tempo wise.....
If you want to practice pick technique let those few bars set the 'bar'(s) in terms of tempo.

.........And just HOW did Django seemingly manage to put 'Vibrato' on every note --no matter what tempo..?:
And why don't we talk more about Django's vibrato?---in some ways its the centre of it all--TONE.
When we solve that mystery then we''ll all lose interest in him i suppose ....
Yours ..........constantly in awe! (quite a nice place to be actually)

PS---"But Hark!.....the 'woodshed' beckons over yonder hill........"


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