Gitane DG-255 VS. Patenotte 254?

Ok, I know this has probably been up for discussion before, but now I would like some opinions on which one of the mentioned budget guitars I should buy. I'm aware of the fact that both guitars need some work and set-up to play real well, but which one of them ends up the better guitar, when upgraded with new tuners, bridge, tailpiece etc. ?

The reason I'm choosing between these two particular guitars is that I'm on a budget of about $/€ 600, and I can get hold of these at the same price where I live.


Nicke W


  • Josh HeggJosh Hegg Tacoma, WAModerator
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    The Patenotte has a more traditional tone and feels more like a vintage instrument. As long as you know that going in to it then you are safe. The neck is fat and the the action is high. It is a short scale instrument that joins at the 14th fret so if you are used to a long scale it takes a little getting used to. Does not have an adjustable truss rod. The finish work is poor but it's a hand built guitar that has a traditional tone with a nice thin top with a thin finish.

    The 255 has a more modern tone and a slim neck. The finish work is perfect and it plays well. It is a long scale instrument that joins at the 14th fret. Has an adjustable truss rod. The top is thicker and the top finish is heavy.

    Both guitars need set up work but the Patenotte needs quite a bit more work then the Gitane. For the 255 your going to want a bridge and a set up. The Pat. needs the same with the addition of mustache bridge ends (the bridge that comes on the Pat. is one piece), fret leveling, might need a zero fret replacement, nut adjust or replace.

    Both are great starter instruments and (after set up) play well. It just comes down to what you want as a player. As a teacher I would lean towards the 255 as a starter because it is more stable and needs less up from work. The only thing that could be a problem is the ultra thin neck.

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