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Position of right hand

Wolfi59Wolfi59 GermanyNew
edited January 2007 in Gypsy Picking Posts: 21

I´m using Michael`s Gypsy Picking book and have some problems with positioning my right hand at the correct place. I´m relatively tall and have a long forearm. My problem is, that my hand with the pick is always over the O-hole (and not between bridge and O-hole) when holding the guitar as shown in the pics in Michael´s book. Even when I bend my wrist to an angle as shown in the photos. I think this is, because my forearm is relatively long. When I position the hand correctly between bridge and O-hole, my upper arm can not correctly "hold" the guitar in place. I hope, it becomes clear what I mean.

Do you think, that a Selmer-style guitar with a bigger body could help? Presently my main guitar is a Saga Gitane DG-300.



  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 5,954
    Hi Wolfgang,

    I used to have that same problem...I'm fairly tall as well. The guitar in the Gypsy Picking book photos is fairly small. I was still able to get the right position by sliding my forearm back a little. So the bout of the guitar was making contact a few inches in from my elbow.

    I now have a much bigger Favino guitar. My arm now makes contact with the guitar right below the elbow.

    I hope that helps,

  • Wolfi59Wolfi59 GermanyNew
    Posts: 21
    Hi Michael,

    thanks for your answer and for proving my assumption. It´s exactly like you said - if I slide my forarm back, it "fits" - but than everything becomes a little bit...lets say..."unstable" for me. Did you know, what makers (besides of Favino) make bigger bodies? As I cannot afford a Favino, I lwant to look for alternatives.

  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 5,954
    The Favino style guitar is very trendy and many luthiers make copies. The Dell Arte Homage is quickly becoming a classic. It has the traditional Favino sound for a good price.

    The 3 of the new Music Link/Dell Arte models are Favino style guitars with big bodies. These are the only Favino style guitars I know of in the $1000 and below price range.

    Busatos also have big bodies...but those are very expensive now. I can't think of any other makers that produce a guitar with larger proportions. If anyone else knows of one please let us know...
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