Right hand, plectrum holding and gypsy picking

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There is a very useful video, besides its artistic value, that can help to clarify any doubt about the right hand position, how to hold the pick and how to correctly pick(see in particular from minute 01:18).
Maybe most of you have already seen it, anyway here it is :

Grazie Django!


  • tommasotommaso ROMA-ITALYNew
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    I forgot : the video is the second one (Moreno Live)
    Grazie Django!
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    Thanks Mate

    That makes me even more confused... I hear that to play in the "traditional" style - it should be downstrokes only...
    but I see (thanks to this video link and others) that he's only playing downstrokes during the head or "slower" sections of the tune.... when it comes to the faster bits, he''s using the same techniques that anyone would.. Alternate picking, sweep picking and even legato licks??

    John Jorgensen and Josco Stephane seem to be in the same boat ..from what I've seen on the web..

    Someone set me straight...PLEASE!!!
  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
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    [quote="Voodoo Chile"]Thanks Mate

    That makes me even more confused... I hear that to play in the "traditional" style - it should be downstrokes only...[/quote]


    No, that's not true. Upstrokes are used all the time. But in a different way then alternate picking. For more info see:

  • tommasotommaso ROMA-ITALYNew
    Posts: 149
    Hi Voodoo Chile,
    follow these basic rules :

    1. Always use down-stroke when changing string.
    2. Use alternate stroke when picking on the same string except when picking triplets (DUD,DUD) .
    3. Start and end phrases preferably with a down stroke.

    Sweep picking and legato are also used in the style.

    The above rules of course can have exceptions.

    P.S. : the last, but most important suggestion : get the M.Horowitz book "Gypsy Picking" it is absolutely miracolous to learn the style!
    :D Tommaso
    Grazie Django!
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