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Fake manouche on eBay?

sockeyesockeye Philadelphie sur SchuylkillNew ... 0102706748

The seller says he thinks it may be fake/mislabeled. I tend to agree but I'm not sure.

What do you all think? Schaller tuners and a Saga tail. 9th fret dot. No number on label. Is this maybe a very early Manouche, from before they got their own tails, tuners, etc.?



  • manoucheguitarsmanoucheguitars New MexicoNew
    Posts: 199
    Hi it's not possible... every Manouche is accounted for, the very first one happily residing in England... we would never use a Saga tailpiece on our guitars and never any other tuners but our own... from the very first guitar made. Interesting though. Maybe it's an old Dell Arte?
  • manoucheguitarsmanoucheguitars New MexicoNew
    Posts: 199
    After checking this out on eBay I'm sure this is a fake so BEWARE! My guess is someone copied the label from our website... the guitar could be anything... a D-500 probably and maybe an upgraded Aria or something but I would guess a Saga with a Manouche label pasted in... Manouche always puts the fret marker on the 10th fret for all models except by special order. I have notified Tony and John at Manouche that we may have a label problem out there. Thanks, Robert
  • sockeyesockeye Philadelphie sur SchuylkillNew
    Posts: 415
    The shape of the D-hole, the trim, and the finish don't say "Gitane" to me. I am pretty sure it's an Aria MM-10 which has had the peghead logo removed & tuners & tail swapped & fake label applied.

    4c4a_3.JPG mm10_edit_clip_h1200.jpg

    It's good that the seller is being honest but the most honest thing for him to do would be to pull that fake label out!
  • manoucheguitarsmanoucheguitars New MexicoNew
    Posts: 199
    After looking at this a little closer it looks more like an Aria to me so I agree with you... the cheap finish and bridge should be a dead give away... aside from the headstock etc. We are investigating this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Robert
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