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New Pick Site

ElliotElliot Madison, WisconsinNew
I found this on the uk site:

No English available which makes ordering a challenge. The guy says Tchavolo and Dorado are using them.


  • manoucheguitarsmanoucheguitars New MexicoNew
    Posts: 199
    Nice Elliot! When you figure out how to order a pick that isn't the size of a small wading pool let me know! How's the Manouche doing? Robert
  • ElliotElliot Madison, WisconsinNew
    Posts: 551
    Hi Robert -

    Lol, yes, some strange looking items there. The Manouche is better than I am at playing it. Someone did email me asking if I'd sell my label though, did I mention that? Just teasing....

  • manoucheguitarsmanoucheguitars New MexicoNew
    Posts: 199
    Elliot, yeah I get that a lot! I can always count on you to see the humor in all this! Make sure you get enough to buy another guitar!
  • ElliotElliot Madison, WisconsinNew
    Posts: 551
    Wow, it does a good job - thank you.

    I just realized that the bottom one is for squeezing between index, thumb, and middle finder - wonder what Michael thinks of it.
  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
    Posts: 1,252
    Tchavolo isn't using his pick, he's using my pick... I know this because he traded me for it at Djangofest :)

    (actually - that's true, but I suspect that Tchavolo has more than one pick)
    You get one chance to enjoy this day, but if you're doing it right, that's enough.
  • robrob hollandNew
    Posts: 10
    latche diewes ,
    hy django fans , first let me tell that tchavolo use my picks, but iff u know tchavolo u know that things chance fast by him , but that's not important
    i am a sinto and tchavolo is family also stochelo and the rest , i have send a week ago my picks to pete krebs , iff u wand to hear how the are u can ask him , i know my website is not translate to English , its not easy for me , but i go do it , iff people wand to ask some about the picks or other things i hope to hear it ok?
    handmade gipsy picks , whe playing self proffesional, whe no how a pick must be
  • kidtulsakidtulsa New
    Posts: 61
    Rob sent me one of his picks -- the model shown -- and has some more on the way this week which I'll try out and review here on Djangobooks.
    I've been playing Michael Wegen's picks for years now, and I'd have to say this is the first time I've tried another pick that is equally good, but different in tone and feel. I love it. I'm not sure of the material, but is a very crisp, dry sounding pick, especially for rhythm. It doesn't clatter on the strings, and the pick noise is at a minimum. The cut-out star in the middle gives you a really good grip, plus my girlfriend thought 'it looked neat' (always a plus). Rob is a good guy to deal with and hand makes them to the width you like. All-in-all, very cool.
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