Dupont MD50E August 2004 For Sale or Trade

JazzGuy76JazzGuy76 Montreal, QuebecNew
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MD50E in mint condition with laminate maple back and sides. I am asking $3100us and I will accept trades as well. Sorry about the pics being sideways, they arent that way on my computer and I cant find a way to rotate them.



  • cantzoncantzon Jeju Do, South KoreaNew
    Posts: 90
    I have a Santa Cruz acoustic/ rosewood back and sides.

    Interested in a trade?
  • danjo53danjo53 Boulder, CONew
    Posts: 4
    I've owned Duponts, and they are very nice. I mostly play gypsy jazz and have a brand new Huss and Dalton OOOSP, one of the best flatops made in the US. It's mint. I bought it for a CD I did, of Americana songs I'd written, and never used it outside the studio that one time. I have it for sale at 3500, so we're in the same ballpark. If you've played Huss and Daltons, you will know the quality of the guitars. It has slotted head and diamond bridge--very cool. Not a scratch on this. Rosewood. This is as good as any Collings, and much better than any recent Martin I've played.
    You can call me at 303-926-0653/
    DAvid Williams
    If you scroll to Other Music, you can hear this guitar played on the JOPLIN, MO songs, which is the CD I recorded with the H & D.

    Let me know what the maple sounds like. I have always found them a bit brittle, but who knows. The Dupont I owned was not one of the laminates and had a great sound, with rosewood. Also, are you in the US, and how would we physically negotiate a trade? We would have to enlist a 3rd party as a broker, I imagine.
    David Williams Deco Django
  • bertonebertone Morristown, NJNew
    Posts: 46
    Hi Jazzguy,

    I have a mid-60s Gibson L7C that's available, with a Dearmond pickup and Sam Koontz ebony bridge. Some cosmetic issues, but plays and sounds good. Not sure of the value, but I'm going in to Mandolin Bros soon and could get an appraisal.

    Recent, not too detailed photo here: ... 686508176/

    If you might be interested, I travel to Montreal often so could show it to you in person, and maybe we could strike a deal on the spot. Please let me know if you'd have an interest.

    Thanks, John in NJ
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