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Josh Hegg Bridge

This is a public private message...

I had Josh build me bridge for one of my guitars and I am very pleased with the results of his skills and talents...
Perfect in every way... A light ebonized rosewood that need only a fine sanding on the feet to match the arch of the top. I cut the string slots and the action is exactly what I ordered. It's top radius is flawless to match my specific fingerboard radius... In other words the string slots are just cut half the diameter of the string with no changes to the top of bridge...

I have used bridges built by Dell'Arte, Michael Collins which in their own right are good however Josh's bridge turns out is one of the best I have tried... I have not used a Dupont bridge as of yet...

Thank you Josh...



  • FopaFopa San FranciscoNew
    Posts: 125
    I had trouble with the bridge on my Dupont MC50, nothing got it right including a replacement bridge from Jacques mazzoleni. Josh built me one and got it right, free and just the right height for me.
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