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String gauge and action

skiski Boston, USANew
Hi All,

I recently got a used 12-Fret D-hole Manouche guitar and it is set up with pretty high action and 11 gauge strings. While it is certainly challenging to play (because of the higher action and heavier strings), the tone and volume I'm getting out of it are great!

I also have a Dell Arte Homage that is set up with 10 gauge strings and lower action. The guitar has a more delicate sound than the Manouche and the action seems low in comparison resulting in some string buzz. It is also easier to play.

Would changing to heavier strings on the Dell Arte also have the effect of raising the action a little or do I need to look at installing a taller bridge? Or is the current setup considered ideal for the Dell Arte (complete with some string buzz)?

It's a real eye-opener to compare these two guitars - very different animals.

Thanks in advance,
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