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In late September, the guitarist in my band is quitting his job to wander the country for four months. It's an exciting opportunity for him, but it's going to be a drag for the band. I'm looking for someone in the Los Angeles area to sit in for any shows we might pick up starting in late September. Guitar would be cool, but so would piano/organ, cello, cymbalom, or whatever.

The band is called Cat Hair Ensemble, and we're not a gypsy jazz band, though we do play a few Django songs and a fair amount of musette-inspired material. Other musical touchstones include Tom Waits, Kurt Weill, and Têtes Raides. We're not a Marshall stack kind of band, but we do play amplified and have been known to get a bit noisy. You can check out some of our music here:

The first three songs are old demos; the last one is from a recent recording session and probably gives the best idea of what we sound like now.

We rehearse once a week in Alhambra. Our shows are generally at clubs on the east side of town, like Mr. T's Bowl, Bordello, Tangier, and Silverlake Lounge. If you want to check us out first, we're playing at Bordello (901 E. 1st St., Downtown LA, CA 90012) at 9 PM on Monday, Aug. 20.

So...if you read chord charts, are into a variety of interesting music, have some time to spare, and feel like sitting in us for a couple of months, please send me a PM.
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