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Paris: Video taping live jams/gigs...

NakNak New
edited September 2007 in Welcome Posts: 14
Hi all,

I will be in Paris next week and plan on taking in as many gigs/jams as possible at the local bars, cafes, etc. After watching the numerous "home videos" posted on youtube and google, I wanted to know what the common etiquette is with regard to taping these performances. My french is non-existent so how do I approach it?
How do the players feel about people with video cameras? Although I don't plan on annoyingly sticking the camera in anyone's face, is it ok to just film them in a more inconspicuous manner? Not wanting to be sneaky about it, and not wanting to make anyone uncomfortable. How do these guys feel about it? Are they used to it since there are so many enthusiasts out there who come to listen to them play? Your advice is greaty appreciated. Thanks!


  • V-dubV-dub San Francisco, CA✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 292
    They are definitely used to stuff like that. But I'm sure it would appreciated if you asked permission. The problem is, it's hard to do this when they are in the middle of playing. Definitely introduce yourself and compliment them though. It's creepy to film someone, then walk away.

    That being said, I've put up quite a few videos on youtube and I have never been confronted by the folks in them about taking them down (okay... just once, but it wasn't from anyone in France...) Most of them are happy to have a video of themselves on the internet that they can show people or link on their site.

    As for not knowing French you could always do what I did in my past two visits:

    -Pull out your phrase book and figure out how to say the phrase you need ("May I take your picture?")
    -Neurotically rehearse the line over and over in your hotel room
    -finally muster up the courage to use the phrase in public
    -mess it up
    -watch their puzzled faces at your poor pronunciation/grammar
    -Look horrified and confused when they respond in completely unintelligible French
    -Say it again in caveman English, dejectedly
    -Find out they speak much better English than you speak French
    -Feel like a terrible American

    It's all part of the tourism process!
  • djangolindjangolin Memphis, TNNew
    Posts: 32
    From the title line I figured this was another Paris Hilton tabloid feature.

  • dennisdennis Montreal, QuebecModerator
    Posts: 2,127
    i know that a lot of people are against it and can get really pissed off, maybe if you tipped them generously, i gave sebastien giniaux a 20 euro tip one time.. filming is one thing, passing it around on the internet without the permission is another thing... it's better to probably just ask, that is what i always do
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