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Teddo renatolongo

Where can I buy a Dell'Arte Music Link hommage in europe?

Hey there,

I am in Italy, and I'm looking to buy a Dell'Arte Music Link hommage, but none of the local shops have them, so I am forced to buy online. Problem is that I don't know where.

Initially I was gonna buy from the states, but even with the currently low dollar, prices might get a little high.

So...does anyone know of a place where I can order one?

Cheers, and thanks in advance.


  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 6,069 one has them, even in the US. there were a few prototypes around, but I think most of those are gone. The production models won't be here for another month or two.

  • simplygoodmusicsimplygoodmusic Rome, ItalyNew
    Posts: 81

    Thanks for informing me though.

    Does anybody know where I can buy another 14 fret D hole at that price then? :lol:
  • simplygoodmusicsimplygoodmusic Rome, ItalyNew
    Posts: 81
    For lack of a better option, I might go with that (to be honest, I am just not looking forward to waiting another two months).

    What would it cost to ship that to Italy?

    It costs a little there any particular reason?
  • TollundmandenTollundmanden DenmarkNew
    Posts: 34

    I was trying to find a place anywhere in Europe to buy the same guitar.
    After contacting several german online retailers and the american importer I basically found out what Michael said, no one in Europe has them yet. Vesna Tomic from the American importer Axlmusic helped me a great deal by contacting their European distributors.
    The British distributor offered to contact me as soon as they would have any in britain. I can give you their contact info if you wish.

    I also contacted **** from **** about a month ago. He told me that they had a batch of guitars in customs and that he might be able to get me one of the two Hommages they were waiting for at the time. They would get another shipment about 40 days later, which would make it around Nov. 27th.

    I ended up purchasing the Hommage from Elderly Instruments, it was a bit more expensive than buying a Gitane D-500 which was my other option. It was worth it though, the guitar is simply beautiful in all respects.
  • simplygoodmusicsimplygoodmusic Rome, ItalyNew
    Posts: 81

    In a PM sent to me, you mentioned that you thought that the Gitanes are of a better quality. How so? Does this also include the Pigalle model compared to, say, the DG 255?
  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 6,069
    The first shipment of Pigalles we got had to be sent back...the necks were twisted like bananas and various parts were falling off. We're hoping later shipments will be better.

    I tried a Robin Nolan prototype earlier this year and it seemed well built and looked nice. However, I did notice it was very heavy and didn't have much volume. the tone was nice though...

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