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Looking for gypsy jams in UK and S. France

ClaudeClaude Seattle, Washington, USANew
edited April 2005 in Europe Posts: 2
I will be touring with one of my bands (KGB) from Seattle playing contradances in the UK and around Albi in France. I have been playing swing violin for some time (I first transcribed some Grappelli solos from vinyl in 1976!) and playing gigs and at the Monday jam in Seattle. In particular, I'll be free May 26 and 27 and June 18-20 in London, and also various locations between York and Cornwall (roughly in a straight line, but not necessarily) for June 13-18. The French part of the tour is June 21-29. If anyone has any info about jams or interesting concerts (I already saw the June 5 one in London and I may try to get to that) I'd love to know about them. And, if you like US-style contradancing, maybe I'll see you at one of our gigs. We're starting at the Chippenham festival May 28-30.


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