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  • BillDaCostaWilliams 5:51AM

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btbjamminbtbjammin Chicago, ILNew
edited January 2008 in Gypsy Picking Posts: 4
Michael - Thanks for all the work you've done putting all the info together on Gypsy style picking. I am a professional bluegrass musician (who plays quite a bit of jazz as well) and have always had a problem with volume, tone, control, etc. especially in a band context. I've always been amazed at how a lot of these guys (Bireli LaGrene, Bryan Sutton, Jon Jorgenson, Tommy Emmanual) play with such authority and tone. I was recently introduced to the concept of the 'rest stroke' and it is currently consuming my practice time.

While I (and probably most people) have spent a great deal of time on music theory and the left hand I've just always let the right hand do it's own thing which has resulted in some pretty bad alternate picking habits and incorrect technique.

I recently bought the 'Gypsy Picking' technique book that you've published (again - practicing and working on it every day) and it is a great help. I believe it mentions that you hope to put out a video on the rest stroke technique. Has that been done yet or is it in production? I consume all the video footage I can of people who I know use the technique and everyone seems to have their own variations on the theme, so to speak.

Again - thanks for getting all of this info together... it has already begun to make a big difference in my playing and thereby my performances.

Ben B


  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 6,116
    Hi Ben...glad to hear your getting something from the book. I'm working on the DVD, it's not available yet.


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