Accordion at Django in June? For sure!

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I’d like the accordionists out there to know of a great opportunity this June to take workshops in both gypsy jazz AND accordion performance. I’m speaking of Django in June, run by the inimitable Andrew Lawrence. Last year was my first year and, put simply, it was a blast. 8)

Last year we had Vlado Mollov as our instructor, who did an excellent job breaking down Ludovic Beier and Jo Privat solos for us to study. The guy also put on an amazing concert with Kruno, which you can see parts of at DiJ’s myspace page Vlado also has his own myspace page (who doesn’t?):

Word from Andrew this year is that he would like to bring an additional accordion instructor on board, Didier Dumoutier, of Montreal. I just found out about this guy, he’s incredible and has a really nice swing musette feel. He also plays a French chromatic button accordion, to round out the approach that Vlado has with his piano accordion. You can check him out at

And here are some links to my own music, so you can hear what level of playing can be found at the camp:

I hope this at least interests some of you accordionists out there. Swing by Andrew’s DiJ page and learn more about the camp!

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