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I decided to learn this difficult style of music since i had a willing partner to do the work with so eight
monthes ago we began the long journey.I began on a cheap ibanez dreadnought as i wanted to wait to see if i would
hang in there.I did and finally began looking for a gypsy style guitar.Now my difficulties were compounded by being
left handed.Finding one in the us was going to be no small task.After a bit of research i realized my choices were:
1)to take a chance on a real cheap one 2) get one custom made by a luthier 3)or take a chance on something in between
pricewise. I finally decided on a a manouche 14 dhole,built by manouche guitars out of england, through a korean by
the name of Jeongwoo Cho.I had my reservations as the $1900 price was not substantially less than some of the quotes
i got from a few luthiers.But i took the plunge ( a 2000 mile roadtrip to see john sandlin of le chat lunatique
just to hear him playing the same model helped immensely) and so far,i am very happy.The tone is great,pretty much what i was
looking for,the volume kicks ass,it is a sturdy,well built guitar i will play for many years until i can afford something
even better.Shipping was prompt.My bandmates think it sounds very good and they are pretty critical about tone.My playing
is improving rapidly.I recommend Manouche guitars.They did not let me down.Lots of folks in the monthes ahead will
hear me play and i hope i can send a few their way.Good job guys!!

dapper dan wiesser
hot club de renoux


  • KlezmorimKlezmorim South Carolina, USANew
    Posts: 160
    Thanks, Dapper Dan (& fellow Manouche owner), for stepping up with a review!

    Allow me, please, to ask that you be more specific: In particular, What did/do you like... What did/do you NOT like? If you could offer suggestions to the builders, what would they be?

    I'm guessing that yours (ours!) is NOT the perfect Selmac copy. What could be improved?
  • dapperdan7dapperdan7 ✭✭✭
    Posts: 125
    i would love to be able to compare my manouche to other selmers but alas,being a lefty and a relative newcomer to this style,i really have no point of reference to judge.i only know that it is helping me improve rapidly and it sure sounds tonally like some of my favorite artists (tchavalo schmitt,alphonso ponticelli).i guess for me,the desire to play my guitar is a very strong indication its right for me.i have not felt that as much with other just feels right so there you have it.perhaps i am not as analytical as others on their instruments but its more of a intuitive thing.another good point is nothing on this instrument is impeding my progress which is so important as this style is tough enough without a guitar fighting you also.

    and that is my two cents on my manouche guitar.
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