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Blue drag

klemjcklemjc France✭✭
edited July 2008 in Gypsy Rhythm Posts: 6
I bought Gypsy rhythm and it is a great book with lot of material.

I am currently interested in a song (not in the book): Blue Drag recorded by Django Reinhardt in 1935.
Does anybody knows an accurate version of the accompaniement?

I tried the one given in the thread
But it seems to me it is not exactly the one of the recording of Django, especially on the B part (in Gm).

A more specific question is that I wonder if it is a kind of progression which is in the book Gypsy rhythm? Or something similar?

I would be very grateful if someone could help me, and sorry if I am posting in the wrong thread.


  • pinkgarypinkgary ✭✭✭
    Posts: 282
    That version is almost right. Replace the E half diminished with an A7, and both the Gm 's with G dim 's and you got it. I learned it from a powertab i down loaded somewhere on the net. Can't be that hard to find. Good luck
  • klemjcklemjc France✭✭
    Posts: 6
    I tried to transcribe the line bass and it seems to go much better along with your version of the accompaniment.
    Many thanks!
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