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Cd Recommendations

symboliquesymbolique wellington, new zealandNew
edited September 2008 in Welcome Posts: 20
Salvete All,

I am intending on making my second purchase from, picking up a few books and CDs. Regarding the CDs I'm very interested in some of the new 'evolutionary' styles of GJ and so far the following have me pegged but I was wondering if any could throw some more names my way...

Gonzalo Bergara
Zaiti Acoustic Q.
Billet Deux
Selmer 607
Stephan Wrembel
Reinier & Pigalle 44 (Mistral)

Jason Just


  • AdelaarvarenAdelaarvaren Ballard, WA, USANew
    Posts: 172
    The Rosenberg Trio with Tim Kliphuis is amazing... Although you might not call it 'evolutionary'

    I'm still loving the Selmer #607!
  • langleydjangolangleydjango Langley, WA USA✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 99
    Hi Jason,

    VERY good choices to start with. Pigalle 44 and Reinier Voet are always in my top 10. Gonzalo is fantastic. Adrien and the others are just amazing.
    And Stephan is always a step ahead and a bit askew (in a great way).

    I have to excuse myself from "Deux" by Billet-Deux since that's my CD
    but..."I" think it's great! :) And so does my mom! Ha!!

    Anyways, here some other ideas:

    Start with Boulou and Elios Ferre. They are the epitome of evolutionary gypsy jazz and they've been doing for decades.
    I suggest one of their newer Cds ie "Rainbow of Life" or "Shades of a Dream". It's not easy listening. It's JAZZ. It's beautiful.

    Jean-Philippe Watremez's "Mosaic" is masterpeice but I think it is out of print. Search it out.

    Kamlo Trio's "Lejos de mi terra". Pierre "kamlo" Barre has played a lot with Watremez.

    Rodolphe Raffalli "A Georges Brassens" -Classic. One of the world's most lyrical players.

    And of course myself and everyone else on this list bow our heads to Bireli. Check out "Move"

    That's a start.

    Good listening. You're going to love it.

  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
    Posts: 1,379
    Move-Bireli Lagrene
    To bi or not to bi- Bireli Lagrene (solo)
    Djangology- Bireli Lagrene with the WDR big band
  • pdaiglepdaigle Montreal, QCNew
    Posts: 233
    I really like Wawau Adler's "Back to the Roots" CDs: I find he is often overlooked which is a shame because he is a fine example of the more modern Gypsy sound incorporating some modern jazz ideas into his playing.
  • Craig BumgarnerCraig Bumgarner Drayden, MarylandVirtuoso Bumgarner S/N 001
    Posts: 794
    Great suggestions all. I'd include Romane's French Guitars.

  • PhilPhil Portland, ORModerator Anastasio
    Posts: 654
    don't miss:

    Raphael Fays - "Gypsy & Classic" - he must be one of the more versatile guitarists on the scene, plus both discs contain his original compositions.

    Am Ketenes Swing - "La Poupa"

    Colin Cosimini - "Janine"


  • symboliquesymbolique wellington, new zealandNew
    Posts: 20
    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the wonderful list. Some of what was listed I was familiar with, but most I wasn't so this will be a good base to launch into some new sounds.

    I appreciate the contributions!

    Kind regards
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