From "Gypsy Picking" to "Gypsy Fire"

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This summer, I attended "Django in June", where I had the chance to take four or five lessons with Michael Horowitz (who gave the best handouts, BTW, of all the teachers there, thanks, Michael!)

Before I left Northampton MA, I purchased a Wegen pick and Michael's excellent book "Gypsy Picking", and I've been working with those two things like a sonofbitch ever since.

In the past three months, I feel that I've made fairly good progress in the GJ style, and most of my musical buddies have commented that I'm sounding way better.

My question: Since I haven't yet fully mastered all the techniques in "Gypsy Picking", is it too soon to buy and start working on "Gypsy Fire"?

Or am I better off waiting until I can do all the exercises in "Gypsy Picking" up to speed first?
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    Thanks for the kind words!

    Ideally you'd get most of the Gypsy Picking stuff down first. But if you've got at least a handle on the basics then you can keep it interesting by learning some of the patterns and solos in the Gypsy Fire book. The new material will probably help keep you motivated...just take it slow and don't bite off more then you can chew.

  • patrolpatrol France ✭✭✭ Antique Manouche
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    I have almost a month my new GJ guitar DG300 and I got really excited.
    The combination of the book Gypsy picking and the guitar lessons, giving me the motivation to improve.Also, the wegen pick gives a great feeling too.I never could imagine that this pick would fit so great.
    Here in Greece is very difficult to find people that play Gj..With the book I am getting ideas and in general the help is tremendous.Contains many many stuff...

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